Thing 4: Blogging Begins with Reading

About assigning homework, I think that Dan missed something… that homework should be motivating and allow students to become independent thinkers and learners. Maybe H.W. doesn’t have to be math problems that didn’t get completed in class; maybe it can be something totally else.

Okay—online SSR Yes, the point of reading novels and getting hooked is to read more novels! I don’t see any fault in that. One response to this blog (from a student) was: this may be the future, but there still will be nothing that can replace curling up and reading a book. Hmmm… wish I was there now, instead of at this computer. At least the dog is curled up in my lap right now, simulating a relaxing reading experience.

That said, I love the idea of kids reading content of interest in school… learning HOW to read while learning WHY to read.

On the blog used as a “scribe” for class sessions/ units…I love that it’s kid-created. Might be a little hard in 5th grade. The material is often confounding enough… but to add a blog to it might just be murder. Will think about some possibilities, though. Like having kids do parts and (me) putting it together.

Now my final thoughts for the evening. I promised myself and my spouse that at 9:00 I would shut down and head up. But here I am at 9:14, having visited a million blogs, most of which I will never find again. But in the interest of brevity I will only say this: I am a linear person in a VERY non-linear world. I wonder about my students with ADD, and I worry about them. I don’t suffer from it myself (except while practicing avoidance of tasks), but I wonder about unleashing this on my 10-year-olds. It’s 9:24 and I’m sitting at the desk with my dog in my lap (after reading the responses to my earlier posts, publishing and editing what I wrote earlier tonight) wondering if I’ve even approached appropriate completion of this task.

One thought on “Thing 4: Blogging Begins with Reading”

  1. Can’t agree more that nothing can replace curling up with a good book . As educators we need to make sure it isn’t lost in cyberspace. There is a place for the printed book and keeping up with the young students and all their technology.

    As educators, I think it is our responsibility to guide the students in using and managing the massive amount of information. This includes everyone especially those with ADD. I feel it is really imperative to work with ADD students to manage the glut of information on the web.

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